Heron's Court is a fan-made zine centered on Genshin Impact's Kamisato Ayaka, the universally loved Shirasagi Himegimi.Preorders are live!


What is a zine?
A fanzine, or zine for short, is a term used to describe an unofficial, fanmade publication, which can be both digital or physical. Zines often contain a mix of artworks, writing, and merchandise for a specific fandom.
What are the zine's specifications?
The zine will be both physical and digital. Proceeds will be split into profit and charity. For the physical book, the planned specs are as follows:
- A5 size (148 x 210 mm / 5.83 x 8.27 in)
- Perfect bound
- Full colour
- Includes illustrations, prose and poetries.
Will there be guests?
Are ships allowed?
Unfortunately, we will not allow romantic ships in the pieces created for this zine. However, depictions of Ayaka's platonic relationships with other characters are allowed.
Are AUs allowed in the zine?
AUs in the zine pieces are allowed as long as they remain PG-13!
How many contributors will you be accepting?
We are looking to accept around 25 page artists, 4 merch artists, 4 prose writers, and 3 poets.
Are minors allowed to apply as a contributor?
Minors above the age of 16 at the point of application are allowed to apply as a contributor.
Can we apply for more than one position?
You can. However, you would only be accepted into one role.
How will the contributors be compensated?
We hope to compensate contributors with at least a full physical bundle if they choose to receive one. However, this will completely depend on whether we can gain enough funds from the zine's sales.
This FAQ page will be updated periodically. Feel free to direct any other questions to this zine's CuriousCat, Email, or Twitter DMs.


Interest CheckJan 17 - Feb 28
Contributor ApplicationsMar 15 - Apr 14
Application ResultsApr 20
Concept CheckApr 30
Check-In #1May 30
Check-In #2Jun 25
Check-In #3Jul 20
Final SubmissionsJul 30
PreordersNov 16 - Jan 31
Production & ShippingFeb-Oct

Contributor Lineup

Organization, Writing, Social Media

[ xe/xym, moon/moon ]

Hi, I'm Ru and I don't have Ayaka, which btw is quite homophobic of the RNG godsExperiences:✿ Organization and Social Media Mod for SK8 In Style: A SK8 Fashion Zine✿ Organization and Social Media Mod for Welcome Home: A Haikyuu!! Domestic Zine✿ Writer/Poet for 20+ Zines✿ ... and more.

Graphics, Art

[ she/her ]

Hi, Mizu here!
Ayaka is my spirit animal;
also she is very pretty
✿ Graphics, Formatting, Social Media, and Organization Mod for Teyvat Studios
✿ Graphics, Formatting, and Organization Mod for Hanabi: A Yoimiya Zine